34-year-old final year student of Wisconsin University, Daniel Agbeti Otto, is appealing for public support to correct a defective cornea in his two eyes.

The cornea is a dome-shaped surface covering the front of the eye that acts like a window by controlling and focusing entry of light into the eye.

Daniel's cornea is not transparent hence control and focus of the eye is impossible.

The situation has also resulted in a severely blurred permanent vision for Daniel.

"I can't see properly. Anything I see is in twos or threes. For instance I see [the letter] 'A' in twos — as in one sitting on one", he told Joy News Joseph Opoku Gapko.

Daniel said the situation is affecting his grades in school.

He relies on his course mates to read lecture notes to him — that is his only option for meaningful studies.

According doctors, Daniel's defective cornea is hereditary and the only way to restore his vision is through cornea transplant, a surgical operation that cannot be conducted in Ghana.

Daniel needs $10,000 for surgery in India. Doctors at St Bernard Eye Clinic in Accra say this is the cheapest for Daniel to get his eyes fixed.

"Since 2012, raising the money has been a problem. There have been promises from one friend, family member to the other but I have not been able to raise a penny", Daniel laments.

Daniel is apprehensive of losing his vision if he does not get help soon.