Clip wings of vigilante groups before they become uncontrollable- UN Rep tells gov't

Clip wings of vigilante groups before they become uncontrollable- UN Rep tells gov't
Source: Ghana|
Date: 09-04-2017 Time: 12:04:36:pm

The Country Director of the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS and the UN representative in Ghana, Girmay Haile is warning the surge in vigilantism in the country could pave way for some unknown external forces to destabilize Ghana’s security.

Mr. Haile believes Ghana’s internal security could be jeopardized if the menace is not tackled decisively.

His comments come in the wake of forceful takeovers by political vigilante groups affiliated to the governing New Patriotic Party.

The Invincible Forces, were in action immediately the party won the 2016 elections, seizing public toilets, lorry stations, offices, cars purported to be for the state and beating up members of the National Democratic Congress.

Their actions were condemned severally by the general public.

Just when the lawless acts of the Invincible Forces subsided, a new group in the Ashanti Region, also affiliated to the NPP, called Delta Force emerged with acts even worse than those of the Invincible Forces.

Invincible Force member attacking a security officer

Members of the Force besieged the offices of the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinating Council and drove out the Regional Security Coordinator, George Agyei.

They insisted that the president's appointee did nothing during the struggle to win power for the NPP.

They would rather another member of the Delta Force was appointed  to head security in the region.

Their action triggered widespread condemnation leading to the arrest of 21 suspects and subsequent prosecution.

In a shocking manifestation of lawlessness the group went to a Circuit Court in Kumasi, and freed the suspects, destroyed court properties and verbally assaulted the judge.

The suspects have since turned themselves in after threats by the Inspector General of Police and the Interior Minister to hunt them down.

They are facing extra charges by the prosecution, has learnt.

Discussing the matter of political vigilantism, the UN representative on HIV/AIDS said something must be done immediately to avert a potential crisis in the future.

This vigilante group concept has to die soon and quickly in Ghana because these are the kind of groups that if  unchecked and uncontrolled will tomorrow become bigger than the system, bigger than the security forces, bigger than the political will of the people and the party that they may try to associate themselves with.

He said any vigilante group has a potential to grow, and Ghana as a beacon of democracy must resolve this problem before it degenerates.