Marriage book for 2017 Joy FM Beauty and Bridal Fair revealing

Marriage book for 2017 Joy FM Beauty and Bridal Fair revealing
Source: Ghana | | Nasiba Yakubu | [Intern] |
Date: 30-06-2017 Time: 07:06:35:pm

The Joy FM bridal fair has already started on a really amazing note. The fair is all about marriage and everything around it; catering (pastries, dishes), makeup, bridal dresses, honeymoon venues and lots more.

There are lots of programs like a fashion runway, exhibitions, seminars and so much more to happen within these days.

On Saturday, the seminar will go on live and the theme designed for it is “Building Lasting Marriages”.

Dr. Samuel Kisseadoo, one of the speakers at the seminar, has written “Restoring Broken Relationships”, a book that sheds light on the theme of the seminar.

The book stresses how to build good relationships.

Though the book has its prime base in marriages, it extends to other relationships, whether it’s dating, courtship or even just friendship.

In this book, the author highlights the sure signs of a failing relationship.

He also discusses how a break in communication, long distance separation, lack of good mentoring, anger, un-forgiveness and modern challenges affect relationships negatively.

Again, it holds important practical steps necessary, to escape the thorns of having a broken relationship.

The book is vital for building strong families, promoting love, unity, peace and advancement in the relationships of this generation.

Explained in it, is, why it is necessary to build good relationships or restore broken ones.

It also sheds light on understanding male-female differences that create disputes.

This book is a must-read for all. Join in on the fun and education on Saturday at the Accra International Conference Center (AICC) for the seminar and your copy of the book.

Dr. Samuel Kisseado is also the author of Intimacy in a relationship, Facing and Fighting through The Storm, Challenges of Modern Men and Women Relationships and Ten Keys for Success and Prosperity.

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