Two hundred and fifty (250) medical students are due to leave the country today, Monday, for further studies in Cuba as part of government’s initiative to improve the doctor-to-patient ratio.

The students would be away for six years on government sponsorship with some support from the Cuban government.

The initiative which has been spearheaded by the Vice President was concluded on a visit to that country last year.

John Mahama told the students at a farewell meeting last night he is hopeful they will be imbued with the Cuban sense of nationalism.

“In Cuba, aside from what you study in your academic course, you will also pick up the spirit of nationalism, of patriotism, of humility, of morality. That is the spirit that has kept the Cuban people surviving despite the very, very serious political challenges they face.”

Students on government scholarship abroad have in recent times complained they have been abandoned as their stipends are no longer forthcoming.

But Deputy Health Minister, Rojo Mettle-Nunoo however tells Joy News the Cuban arrangement is unique.

He said an additional fifty students may also benefit from specialist training under the same arrangement.

The students also pledged to live up to expectation and return to serve the country.