Annie Idibia with her daughter Olivia

Nigerian singer, 2Face and Annie Idibia’s second daughter, Olivia has had to undergo a “major” leg surgery in Dubai.

Although Annie did not elaborate on the cause of her daughter’s sickness, she stated that the surgery had deprived her of sleep for 48 hours.

Taking to Instagram to share an update on her daughter’s condition, she praised Olivia’s strength and bravery.

“It’s definitely not easy being a mum! But with a brave, strong kid like Olivia, it becomes the most enjoyable duty in the entire world!”

Olivia undergoes surgery in Dubai

Annie Idibia also shared a photo of her daughter in her hospital bed on her Instagram story.

Olivia undergoes surgery in Dubai

She also shared another video of he daughter dancing after the surgery.

Olivia undergoes surgery in Dubai

“Haven’t slept for almost 48 hours but looking at how brave she is, how she manages to take all the pain with a smile, I don’t even care! My entire world in a tiny smart six-year-old,” the actress added.