A 40-year-old newspaper vendor has met his untimely death, after a vehicle run over him at Okponglo near Legon, Tuesday.  

Eben, as he is popularly called, and scores of other traders were briskly hawking when the incident happened.

Eyewitnesses say the driver veered off the main road onto the pedestrian walkway leading to the incident.

One of the hawkers said they heard a sudden noise from behind them to run for their lives only to turn to see a car had veered off the main road onto the pavement. 

Okponglo accident

“I turned and saw the newspaper vendor on the ground and the Jeep which had two occupants was in a nearby gutter. The driver and the passenger jumped out of the window before the traffic warden came to the scene.

“The way the body was lying without movement, I knew he died instantly,” the eyewitness told Joy News’ Joseph Opoku Gakpo. 

Another eyewitness, also a hawker, said the Eben was rushed to the 37 Military Hospital but claimed doctors said he had died before they got there.   

According to the traders, although this is not the first of such incidents, they don’t have a choice but to remain there to eke a living. 

They are appealing to government to create avenues for them to earn a living so they leave such dangerous grounds. 

One of the hawkers said they are always engaged in a clash with the police who want to get them off the street for obvious reasons.