50 drug peddlers arrested at Tudu Market

A joint police and military taskforce has arrested about 50 drug peddlers and users in a swoop at the Tudu market in Accra.

The area is known to be a major hub for drug peddlers in the national capital.

Traders at the market welcomed the swoop but they fear it would not deter the drug pushers.

They said the suspected criminals would all be released within three days and business would continue as usual.

One trader said in times past the police frequently swooped on the peddlers but none of them was prosecuted.

He was hopeful the involvement of the military in the latest swoop will lead to some prosecutions.

Another trader espoused a conspiracy theory that some police officers often alert the barons whenever a swoop is being planned.

As a result of this, the chief dealers often abscond leaving petty dealers and users who get arrested by the security agencies.

Source: Joy News/Ghana