The dream of Fifty two students of the University of Development Studies to travel to the United States for a summer vacation work with McDonalds has been shattered.

They are now cooling off at the Nima Police Station in a desperate demand for refund of the 1,500 US dollars they had paid for visas.

Their nemesis, local NUGS president, Edmund Arthur is currently under arrest for a possible charge of fraud.

Arthur had promised to secure the students visas for the trip, but his brother, a professor who is based in the US and who collected the monies claimed there are little changes in plans.

Arthur told Joy News’ Elton John Brobby the date for the vacation work has been shifted to 2013.

He said the students did not agree to the new date, more so when they had invested all their monies into the trip for this year.

According to him, the professor said he will refund the monies in three weeks time, a proposal the students did not agree to.

The students some of who are stranded in Accra say they want their money as soon as practicable in order for them to return to their various homes.
“I have been in Accra for three days now, I am from Bawku,” one of the stranded students said, adding “we don’t have any where to go so we are praying the police will be able to work out for us to be able to leave.”
He suspects they have been defrauded.

Meanwhile Joy News has learnt that the Nima Police where the case was first reported has referred the matter to the Tamale Police for investigations.


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