Fifty-four Niger nationals and one Nigerian have been arrested for illegally entering the country.

According to the Bono East Regional Immigration Commander, ACI Enoch Abrokwa Annor, the arrest was carried out by the Regional Immigration command after intelligence gathering.

He added that the suspects, made up of 53 males and 2 females were arrested at Tuobodom Magazine after they were spotted waiting for a vehicle to convey them to their next destination.

“Yesterday at dawn, we had intelligence that some people are converging at a Tuobodom Magazine area, so we sent plain-clothed men to the area to monitor them.

“When they got there, they realised that a lot of foreigners have converged and were waiting for vehicles to pick them to their final destination. So with the support of the Tuobodom chief, the NIB, and the police, we were able to accost them to the Regional office for us to profile them,” he said.

ACI Abrokwa Annor further indicated that investigations revealed that the suspects entered Ghana through unapproved routes in the Upper East Region and were heading towards Ivory Coast.

He noted that preparations are been made to repatriate all 55 immigrants back to Niger.

Though these illegal migrants continue to find their way into the country, ACI Abrikwa Annor has assured the general public that the service will do its best to anyone who enters the country through unapproved routes.

“Initially they told us they were From Cote d’Ivoire en route to Niger but it turned out to be otherwise. They are doing everything to outwit the officers at the borders but well do everything to arrest them and send them back,” he added.

He further cautioned citizens who aid these persons to gain entry into the country to desist from the act as such persons will be dealt with by law.

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