Attorney General Martin Amidu has justified his comments about the position of the law on homosexuality.

Mr. Amidu at a press conference on Tuesday August 30 said “unlawful carnal knowledge in private between two consenting adults is not a crime.”

“…but carnal knowledge between a minor [less than 16 years] and a major [above 16 years], the minor cannot give consent [and] that is a crime…that is the position of the law, it’s not been amended and that’s all I can say,” he stated.

That position has been challenged by some legal experts and has attracted scathing criticism.

But in a later interview with Joy News the Attorney General said he only stated the law.

Section 104 (b) of the Criminal Offenses Act, 1960 states that: A person who has unnatural carnal knowledge of another person of not less than sixteen years of age with the consent of that other person commits a misdemeanor.

Mr Amidu said this cannot be interpreted as a criminal offence.

Meanwhile the Attorney General has thrown a challenge to people who disagree with him to come forward.