The Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG) Tuesday engaged the Municipal Chief Executives within the Greater Accra Region on the best way of regulating outdoor advertisements.

Executives of the Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG), led by its President, Torgbor Mensah, engaged the Municipal Chief Executives within the Greater Accra Region.

The meeting, led by AAG’s President, Torgbor Mensah discussed crucial issues affecting both the AAG and the Municipalities within Accra and the way forward in finding long-lasting solutions to the challenges. 

It also outlined how both parties can work in synergy to address the current predicament of the Association – pulling down of billboards by the Highway Authority. 

Mr Torgbor Mensah said, “It’s very important both parties work pari passu in ensuring that the right standards are established and implemented, to regulate the process of out of home advertisement, to avoid the pulling down of billboards again in the future.”

In response, the MCEs applauded the efforts of the AAG Executives for being proactive and also mentioned their readiness to help in solving the challenges of the AAG. 

They also suggested, both bodies have a proper session where all Chief Executives together with Engineers and Planning Officers, will be walked through the process; the legal and institutional framework and what value is needed to be created to enhance the partnership and make Accra a beautiful city.

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