The results of the Bolt Food Awards are finally out, and they represent a rich mix of restaurants and food vendors based in Accra that were crowned as ‘food stars’ by Bolt Food in 2021.

In this first edition of the awards, Bolt Food aimed to recognise and celebrate food vendors and restaurants that customers love for delivering quality and excellent services.

From the favourite local food joint to the go-to doughnut brand, restaurants were rated based on merit after analysis of data available on the Bolt Food platform across eight different categories.

Country Manager for Bolt Food, Ali Zaryab said, “It takes a great deal of effort to consistently provide customers with excellent service and tasty food every day.

“Our data analysis showed that these eight restaurants have consistently delivered, and I truly congratulate them.

“I believe that shining a light on them will inspire other restaurant owners to join the Bolt Food platform and give their best”. 

Accra’s favourite restaurants awarded by Bolt Food

Did your favourite food vendor or restaurant make it to the top 8? Here are the categories and winning restaurants:

Category: Loved by Locals

Winner: KFC – KFC got the top spot in this category for being the top-rated restaurant by eaters in Accra.

Category: Rising Star

Winner: Naki’s Kitchen – Naki’s Kitchen won the ‘Rising star’ category for gaining huge popularity in the shortest possible time. The Kitchen was only established last year but it received high spikes in orders.

Category: Worth the Walk

Winner: Papa’s Pizza – With their menu selection, there is a pizza suited for everyone’s preference. Whether it’s the full opana pizza, pepperoni, meat-eater or chicken delight, you can trust to get your preference to satisfy your taste bud. No wonder they got voted for the most picked up orders in that category.

Category: Never Gonna Give You up

Winner: Doughman Foods – It indeed feels rewarding to be recognised for getting repeated orders! Ghanaians know what they want when it comes to doughnuts, with Doughman Foods coming in as their favourite go-to doughnut vendor, winning the “Never Gonna Give You Up” category.

Category: Treat Yourself

Winner: Vida-E-Café – Under this category, Vida-e-Café emerged as the best fancy and high-end restaurant. At the core of everything they do is focused on the people, their purpose. They also received 5-star ratings from eaters who order food from the Bolt Food App.

Category: Best Value For Money

Winner: Rocomamas – Rocomamas also gained top votes for offering budget-friendly meals, yet delicious. Rocomamas hasn’t only offered a typical burger joint but a customisation experience to enjoying their best value for money meal. 

Category: The King of Jollof

Winner: Dada Bee Fast Food – The King of Jollof category was interesting. Dadabee Fast Food got the crown in this category for being the best restaurant for local/traditional food.

Category: Lunchtime Favourite

Winner: Grab and Go Foods – Finally, Grab and Go Foods is in the lead as the most favourite lunchtime food vendor operating from 8:00 am – 10:00 pm daily. They also received five-star ratings from customers using Bolt Food.

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