ActionAid Ghana (AAG) in partnership with Global Platform has launched a song as part of its advocacy against gender-based violence in the country.

The song titled ILO-C 190 campaign features well-known artists including, Fameye, Sherifa Gunu, Patapaa, Obibini Takyi Jnr and Kasina Baby to preach against sexual harassment especially at work places.

The advocacy song amongst others also seeks to mount pressure on government to ratify the International Labour Organisation Convention 190 (ILO C190) in Ghana.

According to the ILO, the any country member which ratifies the Conventions shall respect, promote and realise the right of everyone to a world of work free from violence and harassment.

Launching the campaign song on Friday, the Head of Pragrammes at AAG, John Nkaw raised concern about the rise of sexual harassment in society, especially at workplaces.

He subsequently underscored the importance of strong advocacy against the growing menace.

He noted that ActionAid Ghana will continue to advocate for vulnerable persons particularly women to be empowered to resist such sexual harassments.

“As we celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day with the theme ‘Choose to Challenge’, we stand in solidarity with all people who are facing these forms of abuse especially sexual harassment.”

“And we pledge to continue the advocacy with like-minded organizations to increase pressure on government to ratify the C190 against these forms of violence,” he stated.

He further expressed his gratitude to the artists who participated in the campaign for their support and commended staff for their earnest work.

ActionAid Ghana (AAG) is an NGO that works in most deprived and marginalised communities in the country to ensure that every person enjoys the right to a life of dignity, freedom from poverty, and all forms of oppression.

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