The Adentan Municipal Security Council has taken steps to address the water problem in the Municipality.

Led by Nubyl Kakra Vanlare, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), the council together with officials of the Ghana water Company Limited, the Municipal Engineer and among others went round the community to have firsthand knowledge and ascertain the activities of the numerous illegal water depots, which has been one of the major causes of water shortage in the area.

About eight of the believed 30 illegal water connections in the Municipality, that tap and divert water various homes, were identified by the team.

Ms Kakra Vanlare said steps were being taken by the Assembly to avert such activities that deprive residents from having water flowing in their homes.

She mentioned water as one of the major priorities the Assembly was assiduously working on in order to relieve the people of the perennial water shortage.

To this end, she noted that boreholes were being dug at Nmai Djor, Ashaley Botwe, and other areas where there no is tap water.

On recent media reports about a private person attempting to put up water depots/hydrants at Adjiriganor , the MCE noted, “Personally, I will put the blame on GWCL. As an Assembly, we need to be seen doing the right thing. We do not want to be dictated to. GWCL must acknowledge that those who are there are not working. They live within an authority, which is the Assembly. It is the Assembly that has to give them the permit to operate.

“So if they go to GWCL without any permit, it means that the Assembly is not interested in their operation. Adjiriganor is an area that has water. We will not want to get into a crisis where they will also be added to the tall list of people who do not have water. We intend to protect what they have. The issue is those who are having these water depots, you will be surprised to note that some of them are even operating on bare lands.”

She added: “GWCL must first of all find out where it is being sited. It is not that everybody comes there and you just give the person the chance to operate. We should not abuse the system because of the water shortage problem within the Municipality, and so the proper thing must be done in order not to have another crisis on our hands.”

Ms Vanlare said, already, there are too many complaints from the residents themselves, who think the Assembly is being ineffective and insensitive to their plight, and indicated that the man who behind the Adjirigannor hydrant has been asked by the Department of Urban Roads that it can not be sited there since the place is a T-Junction.

She stated that the man in question does not even live within the area and wondered why he should come and disturb the peace of the residents.

“Let us get our priorities right. The man cannot operate there and I the MCE and the Assembly will disassociate ourselves from any eventuality that will happen there. We will put the blame on GWCL should something happen there,” she stressed.

Source: Innocent Samuel Appiah


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