It was a fine night and one that would forever remain a memento to staff and management of Advans Ghana Savings and Loans when the financial institution picked up two august awards and a surprising individual award going to its CEO.

 Having been nominated in 5 top categories, Advans Ghana won the award of ‘Best Company in project promoting & supporting Agriculture and Agribusiness‘.

This is an award which recognises their growing and innovative value chain activities in supporting the development of agriculture in Ghana, especially financing smallholder farmers.

Since 2017, Advans Ghana has disbursed ¢4.3m to over 17,000 smallholder farmers for inputs, with the aim of increasing productivity and yield for farmers, marking them as a key financial institution for financing agriculture in Ghana.

Advans Ghana’s second award for the night was the Social Investment Project of the year (Environment), an award which was relatable to the institutions Tree Planting Project.

Commenting on this particular award, Mrs Barbara Odei, the chief Sales and Distribution Officer stressed on the fact that, as global warming festers on, they as management, saw the need to embark on reducing their paper consumption.

This Tree Planting Exercise aims at compensating its yearly consumption of paper to reduce its negative impact on the environment.

More to it, Advans Ghana also partnered with Royal Seed Orphanage and in November 2019, the institution planted over 350 fruit trees in the orphanage home.

An initiative which would later help the orphanage to regularly provide fruits to the children, improve their health, but also generate additional income by selling part of the production.

Several outstanding Individuals were not left out but also rewarded for their special individual efforts, which in one way or the other has a footprint of great impact in our societies.

One of such privileged personalities was Olivier Bailly Béchet, the CEO of Advans Ghana Savings and Loans, whose effort in making positive change in our societies won him the enviable Foreign Personality of the Year Award.

An award he dedicated to the clients, staff and partners of Advans.

The 4th Sustainability and Social Investment Awards is an award scheme that recognises the efforts of corporate Institutions in pushing for the Social Development Goals.

This year, the awards night came off at the Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel, Accra.

Advans Ghana Savings and Loans Ltd is a subsidiary of the Advans Group headquartered in Paris with presence in 9 countries in Africa and Asia and serving more than 1 million clients.

In Ghana, Advans operates in 20 branches across 8 regions with the head office located in Accra-Newtown.

Advans Ghana’s mission is to provide client-centric financial services to small businesses and under-served populations in a sustainable and responsible manner.