Veteran actress Akorfa Adjeani-Asiedu has disclosed in an exclusive interview with Friday that she has decided to withdraw a suit she filed against movie director and producer, Leila Djansi.

The two entered into a bitter fight after they collaborated to produce the movie I Sing of a Well in 2009. The aftermath of the movie resulted in heated exchanges and counter accusations between the two.

The fury emanated from who owned the executive producer rights of the movie. Akorfa had argued that she invested a greater sum into the production while Leila on the other hand stressed that she co-produced the movie so it is a joint production.

The movie, shot by Turning Point Pictures – owned by Leila – is set in the ancient Ghana Empire in the days of Mansa Musa. It told the story of Soraya and Dume, two young lovers threatened by the arrogant Prince Wenambe who was basking in his new found throne and alliance with Mansa Musa.

Akorfa revealed that after almost two years of seeking legal redress, she decided to withdraw the case from the Commercial Court in Accra about a month ago.

According to the pretty actress who played the lead role of Soraya in the movie, her decision to withdraw from court was necessitated by the unavailability of the defendant.

She said the case has “been going back and forth because she doesn’t live here so we’ve had it with the lawyers we’ve been going back and forth with it. Its two years already, I have survived without that money, I can survive.”

Akorfa, who had planned to file several charges against Leila, conceded that the investment is already a bad debt and lamented that she does not foresee any returns from it.

In that light, she has also decided to “let it [the matter] go,” adding, “revenge is the Lord’s. I will leave it at that. I will let God fight my battle for me.”