The Accra Metropolitan Assembly is promising more demolitions to decongest the capital.

The latest threat follows the destruction of structures in Labone which the AMA said was impeding road expansion.

Owners of the structures cried and cursed the AMA and government accusing them of not giving early notice.

Some of the victims claimed they only received permits from the AMA last week to put up the structures and were shocked the same institution will return with earth moving equipments to pull down the same structures.

According to the angry victims, the AMA officials did not even allow them to remove their belongings before going ahead with the demolition.

The Public Relations Officer of the AMA, Nuumo Blafo told Joy News the days when its outfit reneged on its responsibility are over.

He warned residents living in slums and other illegal settlements to be wary because the AMA will soon come to demolish.

“The days when the AMA will write remove and you also will write remove to where, are over,” Nuumo Blafo retorted.

He said the settlements that were destroyed in Labone on Tuesday were located on access roads and had to pave way for the road expansion.

He could not however confirm if the victims were adequately notified before the demolition was undertaken.

Nuumo Blafo however chided the media for giving victims of demolitions the opportunity to antagonize the AMA for undertaking their legitimate responsibilities.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/


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