Anglogold Ashanti, Obuasi Mine has launched a five-day trade and exhibition show in Obuasi.

The show is to diversify the economy of Obuasi through trade promotion.

The annual trade show forms part of the three-year social management plan of Anglogold Ashanti to create market opportunities and improve the quality of service of local businesses.

The show is organised in collaboration with the National Board for Small Scale Industries and the Obuasi municipal assembly. 

Anglogold Ashanti Obuasi Mine promotes trade show to diversify commerce in municipality
Emmanuel Baidoo, Senior Manager Sustainability at AGA

According to Emmanuel Baidoo, Senior Manager Sustainability at AGA, the initiative is in line with the Mine’s commitment to revitalise the local Obuasi economy.

“The trade show is aimed at creating market opportunities, fostering partnerships and synergies and improving the quality of local businesses in the medium long term.

“Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to showcase their products and services that they deliver to the good people of Obuasi and this will help them mobilise sales,” he noted.

Over three hundred businesses have benefited from Anglogold Ashanti Ghana Obuasi Mine’s Trade Promotion Programme,since its inception in 2019.

Obuasi District Manager of NBSSI, Kelvin Ofori Attah, revealed ” jobs have been created out of the trade show.

Over the span of three years,exhibitors always benefit from training programmes,marketing,branding and packaging,business and financial management”. 

The trade show was segmented into three main sections, including training programme for exhibitors, market promotion and physical exhibition.

“This is the first time I’m joining the trade show and its being a wonderful experience,” Theresa Blankson Stiles-Ocran an entrepreneur said.

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