Onlookers head towards burning vehicle at Appiatse

It has emerged that some residents of Apeatse who trooped to the accident scene to take videos and pictures after a vehicle carrying mining explosives exploded were those who are severely affected.

According to reports, these persons have sustained various degrees of injuries; others dead.

Thursday’s incident occurred when a truck conveying mining explosives collided with a motorcycle and a third vehicle close to an electricity transformer.

A journalist with Tarkwah-based Dynamite FM, Thomas Tetteh giving an account of the incident indicated that a sprinter bike knocked a motor ride.

“As a result, the motor went under the truck carrying the explosives. The truck dragged the motorbike a few meters away and it caught fire. There was a transformer close to it,” he said on Joy FM‘s Super Morning Show.

He noted that at the early stages of the incident when the motor vehicle had just caught fire, some inhabitants of the community trooped to the scene to take pictures and videos.

“The driver, knowing the implications of their actions warned them to desist from the act and move away from the scene, however, his caution fell on deaf ears as the residents did not listen to him. The driver then left the scene,” he added on Friday.

Residents are still counting their losses after the incident which occurred on Thursday.

Many have been rendered homeless.

As a result of the incident, the town has been reduced to rubble, killing some inhabitants and injuring many. Many residents have been rendered homeless as well.

“The whole community has been raised down and people are homeless now. You can’t even find the door of the truck carrying the explosives,” Thomas Tetteh stated.

“I spoke to some of the victims and they were so devasted, they have no other place to go and most of them have lost their money because it’s a small town and there’s no bank.

“One woman told me she had gone for a loan from Fiaseman, so she was getting ready to settle what she was supposed to pay, but she has lost the money now,” he added.

At least 17 people have been confirmed dead and several others are in hospital, responding to treatment.

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