The 1997-year group of St. Augustine’s College in Cape Coast has cut sod for the commencement of an ICT legacy project.

The project that would cost $150,000 is expected to expand and renovate the school’s ICT lab and also build an e-learning infrastructure for the use of the school.

Speaking at a short ceremony to begin the project, Convener of the APSU 97-year group, Selorm Akakpo indicated, the year group couldn’t have chosen a better project than what they decided on.

According to him, ICT and e-learning infrastructure is the key driving force in the world now, hence their desire to settle on it and make it happen after looking through the project bag handed to them by the school.

“When the project bag was given to us, we took among the list of projects and wishes, this project. We believe the importance of ICT is key in the education of these young ones,” he stated.

APSU ‘97 cuts sod to begin ICT legacy project in St. Augustine’s College

The legacy project will provide, at least, two classes of 100 computers, 50 in each lab and also a collaboration area where iPads and other resources that students would use to do this quick reference.

“The past students would provide the technical expertise for this project. Already, we have provided a third of the total amount of money we need and we are keen at raising the rest of the money through contributions and other fund-raising activities,” he assured.

Head of branding and communications of the APSU ’97- year group, Andrew Ackah, admits raising the funds is going to be a herculean task but once his group has been able to raise a third of the funds in a few months, they would be able to meet their target.

“It’s a very emotional relationship we have with our school. The school built a very good foundation in us and this is a way for us to say thank you,” he said.

APSU ‘97 cuts sod to begin ICT legacy project in St. Augustine’s College

On his part, the convener of the APSU Central 97-year group, Dr. Leonard Dekye-Kwarteng indicated their year group is hosting this year’s speech day together with the development project they are embarking on.

He assures his year group will meet its target as all hands are on deck. Aside the contributions that we are all doing, we decided to donate bags of cement to kickstart the project. As a group, together we can do this. I believe in us,” he intimated.

APSU ‘97 cuts sod to begin ICT legacy project in St. Augustine’s College

Headmaster of St. Augustine’s College, Henry Arthur Gyan, is upbeat the project when completed would help the school immensely as ICT is now studied as an elective course in the school.

He praised the ’97-year group for their foresightedness as the project of e-learning infrastructure was chosen from the school’s project bag as far back as 2016.

“It is a very good legacy project they have chosen. They chose this in 2016. This shows how ICT infrastructure is dear to their heart. We expect to have three ICT rooms with improved the resources when they are done,” he said.

The renovation and rehabilitation of the ICT lab will be completed in September this year while the entire project would be completed and handed over in March, 2022.