A Deputy Information Minister, Baba Jamal has called on Former President Rawlings to make available any evidence he claims to have regarding the killing of the late Dagbon King, Ya-Na Yakubu Andani II.

Mr. Jamal says his party founder has a better opportunity now than ever to assist in unravelling the mystery behind the late Dagbon overlord’s death.

Mr. Rawlings has consistently made public pronouncements indicating that he knows the killers of the Ya-Naa, although he is yet to prove his claim.

During the erstwhile NPP regime, Mr. Rawlings said he could not trust the Government enough for which reason he could not give out the vital information he had, including video evidence.

But after helping the party he founded get into power, Mr. Rawlings has refused to release the said information, perhaps leading to the acquittal and discharge recently of some 15 suspects for want of evidence.

After the ruling, Mr. Rawlings accused the judiciary of bias and also criticized the Government’s prosecution team for failing to secure the conviction of the 15 persons.

But, he has still refused to release the information he claims to have, and has rather called for the formation of a Presidential Commission to re-investigate the March 27, 2002 deaths.

The Mills administration has announced plans to get the High Court’s ruling reversed.

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) has also announced plans by the Service to review the whole investigation process of the late King’s murder to establish whether or not there were lapses.

It is against this backdrop that Mr. Baba Jamal has asked former President Rawlings to trust the system and provide the impeccable evidence that would nail those who killed Ya-Na.

“This is the best time for the former president to provide whatever evidence he consistently claims to have, especially when the Government has decided to appeal and the police have also decided to do their own investigations and come out with possible fresh charges.

“So if he has any evidence, this is the opportunity for him to go and provide them so that we seal this matter once and for all. Because the only way to find the killers is through investigations and this is his own Government so we expect that he will trust the system and feel comfortable and suggest ways of addressing this issue” Mr. Jamal noted.

Source: citifmonline.com