Some New Patriotic Party supporters in the Bantama constituency of Ashanti, are calling for the disqualification of Henry Kwabena Kokofu, a former constituency chairman and one of three parliamentary aspirants.

The card-bearing members say Kokofu is facing contempt charges at the High Court in Kumasi for violating the court’s order in the organization of constituency elections and the party could be hard done-by should he be elected.

Ahead of vetting for the polls, the concerned supporters say an adverse decision by the court after he has been elected could be disastrous.

In a petition to the Regional executives of the NPP, the members want the executives to impress upon Mr. Kokofu to withdraw his candidature from the parliamentary race.

Mr. Kokofu is said to have flouted an injunction order by the High court presided by Justice Imoro Ziblim on December 1, 2009, restraining the holding of elections in the Bantama constituency branch of the NPP.

But Mr. Kokofu on December 28 that same year, is said to have organized and supervised the elections contrary to the court order.

Henry Osei, a former Constituency Secretary is among the petitioners seeking the disqualification of Kokofu.

He said he and his colleagues are fighting a just cause for the party and not for personal gains.

“Well this is a very serious issue and we cannot wait for the Vetting Committee. We have written to them as well but the point is that we are advising the Regional Executives that this Henry Kokofu should be sidelined from contesting the elections or even going for vetting” he said.

“He is facing contempt case at High Court Six in Kumasi, and if he wins and the court case ends with his conviction, it is going to be disaster for the party,” he argued.

But the Regional Chairman, Frederick Freduah Anto says Mr. Kokofu currently qualifies for the primaries unless decided otherwise by the court.

He said the party will give the opportunity to Mr. Kokofu to clear his name at the High Court.

Story by: Ohemeng Tawiah, Nhyira Fm/Kumasi-Ghana


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