The hope of fire victims of the Mallam market to get back into business has been impaired following a turf war between royal clans in the metropolis.

The long standing dispute between two GA Chiefs over who owned the land on which the Mallam market was sited has brought the reconstruction work jointly started by the Accra Municipal Assembly and GA South Municipal Assembly to a total halt.

The market which serves residents of Dansoman, Odorkor , McCarthy Hill and its surrounding areas was built 17 years ago when the land was released for the project.

The market was ravaged by fire few days ago in which properties running into thousands of cedis were destroyed, rendering many traders jobless.

Three days after the incident, Accra Metropolitan Authority and GA Municipal Assembly started clearing remnants to pave way for reconstruction work to begin with the aim of alleviating the plight of the affected victims.

One of the factions in Sempe, a suburb of Accra was alleged to have mobilized some youth and land guards to mount stop work and danger signs on the land.

Information picked up by indicates that on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 the Sempe land guards returned to the market armed with cutlasses and other offensive weapons to take over the place.

They wrote on walls “Sempe Sakaman Market” instead of Mallam market and asked the traders not to pay any tax until the issue has been resolved.

The police has intervened and has promised to ensure peace in the area.