Belafst, an upscale property management and lifestyle management services company, has launched its services in Ghana. 

The company which focuses on providing world-class professional services to its individual and corporate clientele last Friday introduced itself to clients at a privately held event at the exclusive Sky Lounge of Kwarleyz Residence in Accra. 

Belfast in Accra

Their services range from the exclusive lounge and space access, VIP airport protocol services, chauffeur services, luxury limousine rentals, and bespoke event planning.

It also includes bespoke travel itineraries to unrivalled wellness experiences via our state-of-the-art spa, sauna, and gym spaces and so much more.

Belfast is introducing a novel privé concierge club and their membership program is designed to give clients the highest form of access, privacy and comfort.

Belfast in Accra

Membership is awarded on a selective basis and their members stand to enjoy a lot of benefits includes exclusive access to three world-class Wellness and Fitness centres (i.e. gyms, spa, sauna) in the capital, discounts on luxury car rentals, priority booking and reservations for restaurants with world-class culinary professionals.

Members also get to enjoy exclusive access to sky lounges and bars at three key locations in the capital, special corporate rates for hotel bookings, first pick to private and exclusive events, invite-only exhibitions as well as corporate networking. 


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