The National Board for Small Scale Industries, NBSSI says its operations has not and would not be affected by fall-outs from the judgment-debt saga.

Until now, the man at the centre of the scandal, Alfred Woyome was the Chairman of the NBSSI. Mr. Woyome has however resigned to an aide is to enable him deal with the legal issues emanating from the scandal – according to an aide. Mr Woyome has also been arrested and is currently being held at the Police Headquarters in Accra.

Executive Director of the NBSSI, Lukeman Abdul Rahim tells Joy Business even though he cannot confirm the resignation; his outfit had been running smoothly so far and would continue despite the latest development.

“Frankly speaking is news to me and we have no comment to make because his appointment is the prerogative of the President of the Republic. Despite the developments of the saga, he has always performed his duties as the Chairman of our board up to this time. In the absence of the Chairman, we have an able person to assist in steering the affairs of the board and I think the Vice Chairman would assume that position for now until the President appoints a new board chair” he noted.

He adds that ongoing activities at the NBSSI including especially the restructuring (being undertaken in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade and Industry) would not be stalled by the resignation of its Chairman. He outlined to JOY BUSINESS some of the restructuring proposals.

“The first has to do with the mandate of the board vis-à-vis the changing global trends. Also is the staff composition of the board in terms of the human resource requirement and the skills or qualification we would need to effectively drive the new agenda of the NBSSI. There is also the legal regime of the NBSSI and we would be looking forward to see how the amendment of the Act would make the NBSSI stronger in galvanizing resources and support services towards the development of small-scale industries”.