The Chief Justice, Mrs Justice Georgina Wood, on Monday advised new judges and magistrates to eschew laziness and delays in the discharge of their duties.

“If you are willing to work hard and discharge yourself honourably and creditably, you will gain not only self satisfaction but honour, respect and recognition”.

Mrs Justice Wood gave the advice at the swearing-in of seven new Circuit Court Judges and four District Magistrates in Accra.

The judges are Mr Senyo Amedahe, Ms Sedina Agbemava, Mr Samuel Asare-Nyarko, Mr Eric Kyei Baffour, Mr Alexander Osei Tutu, Ms Romanie Abele Abbey and Mr Emmanuel Lodoh.

The magistrates are Ms Faustina Mary Addington, Ms Ellen Anokye, Mr Kwame Ohemeng-Mensah and Ms Joana Abena Yankson.

Mrs Justice Wood pointed out that judges and magistrates who were not prepared to work hard would soon realise that their job was a milestone and an ‘albatross’ on their neck that would “send deep anguish into their soul and spirit.”

She said life on the bench was an easy but demanding line of work and required utmost devotion.

Mrs Justice Wood reminded them that their job would come under close public scrutiny and their actions strictly watched and monitored by the public whom they served.

She said a competent judge must therefore be imbued with many honourable qualities including civility, courtesy, tolerance and patience.

Mrs Justice Wood urged the new judges and magistrates not to forget the core values and principles such as fairness, impartiality, integrity and honour in the discharge of the responsibilities in their profession.

“We must bear in mind that judicial accountability and independence, underpin public confidence in the judicial system,” she added.

Mrs Justice Wood entreated them to help entrench Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice and make it a viable alternative to the courts.

She noted that the quality of justice delivery would be greatly enhanced when the judiciary made ADR the main arena for dispute resolution in the country.

Mr Ebo Barton Odro, Deputy Attorney-General and Deputy Minister of Justice, charged the new judges to resist corruption in the course of their practice.

“The people who bribe you are the very people who go about trumpeting around that they have judges in their pockets,” he added.

Mr Odro urged them to be mindful of their attitude and behaviour in society and to discharge their duties fairly to all manner of people.

Mr Frank Bechem, President of Ghana Bar Association (GBA), commended them for their appointment to the bench.

He was confident they would impart their diverse experiences and knowledge in the discharge of their duties.

Mr Bechem urged them to endeavour to improve on the standard of justice delivery in the country.

Source: GNA


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