Residents and chiefs of Gomoa-Nyanyano in the Central Region have fled for their lives after armed land guards stormed the area.

The armed thugs have also taken charge of some lands in the area, with a threat to kill anyone who challenges their authority.

The handful of residents left in the town, who spoke to Adom News alleged that, the activities of these land guards are being perpetrated by the chiefs and people of Gomoa Fetteh led by the Omankrado, Nana Kwesi Quansah popularly known as Kwesi Alhaji.

Among other allegations, they accused the land guards of harrasing residents including charging a fee for digging or building on any land in Nyanyano.

The residents are, therefore, appealing to the Inspector General of Police and the Defence Minister to deploy personnel to the area so peace can prevail.

They told Adom News’ Kofi Adjei that they are worried, the incident at Dome Faase which led to the injury of some residents by land guards will be repeated in their community.

But reacting to the allegations, the Guantuahene of Gomoa Fetteh Stool Nana Kwesi Arhin said the Amoreen judgement of 1984 presided over by Justice F.T.C Amorin spelt out clearly their stool lands and boundries.

He explained, that, these lands also include Gomoa Nyanyano.

Nana Kwesi Arhin also revealed that Nana Kwesi Quansah is only protecting the properties of Gomoa Fetteh Stool.

He was, however, quick to deny the role of Nana Kwesi Quansah with regards to the land guards.