A Paediatric Neurologist has called on the citizenry to accept and support children with cerebral palsy, autism and down syndrome.

Dr Marilyn Marbel also appealed to government to put in place support systems for people with these disabilities, as they have no cure.

Speaking about these conditions on Vodafone’s Healthline TV programme, she explained how children with these disorders need the best care and support.

“Children with these conditions and their parents should not be stigmatised or blamed because they are not the cause.

“What is needed is an all-inclusive education that will ensure that every regular school has teachers who understand and can teach children with these conditions. Persons with these disabilities have the potential to learn,” she added.

Explaining the difference between the three conditions, Dr Marbel said, “Autism is a developmental condition that affects the way a child communicates, behaves and perceives their environment.

“Down syndrome, on the other hand, is a genetic disorder, which happens because there is an additional chromosome as part of one’s genetic make-up.”

She said, “Children with cerebral palsy have challenges with the way they move their body and control their muscles. This is because of an injury in the brain, which mostly happens during pregnancy, birth or the early years of a child’s life.’’

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