The National Chairman of the Civil Servants Association, Mr Robertson Akwei Allotey, on Monday announced the suspension of the Executive Secretary of the Association and two others for travelling to Lome to attend an official meeting without approval.

The two others were Mr K. Karikari, Deputy Executive Secretary and Ms Afi Gadzekpo, Director of Administration and Staff Development.

In a letter to the three officers, Mr Allotey said the suspension would take effect from Monday, November 26.

“You are to hand over all documents pertaining to the secretariat to the President by Monday 26th November, 2007 pending the decision of the National Executive Committee and the outcome of the National Executive Committee meeting,” he said.

Mr. Allotey said Mr. Ben Anyagre, Director of Project and Welfare, was to take temporary charge of the Secretariat and liaise with him on the day-to-day administration of the Secretariat.

Mr Allotey said he approved Mr Chigabatia’s request for his 2007 leave, which he extended to cover 2005 and 2006 as well.

Mr Allotey said Mr. Chigabatia then said he had already exhausted or forfeited his 2004-2006 leave.

However, on examining his file, he realised that there was no evidence in writing by Mr Chigabatia neither had there been approval by the immediate past President Alhaji Ziblim nor himself.

“I advised him on phone that the three years granted be adhered to while the restructuring of the National Secretary took place.”

Mr Allotey said Mr Chigabatia further informed him that he was to travel to Lome for a seminar that was to start on November 20 when he was to be on leave.

“I categorically informed you that since you were on leave you could not attend official travels outside the country without prior approval from the National President and for serving officers in the MDAs, a formal request had to be made to their MDAs”, and advised that the three officers should not attend the Lome meeting but they went. Mr Smart Chigabatia, the Executive Secretary of the Civil Servants Association of Ghana (CSAG) on Friday denied reports that he and two others had been suspended by the National Chairman
of the Association for attending a meeting at Lome without approval.

“I was already on leave and did not need any permission from him. We only had to inform him, which
we did”.

Mr Chigabatia, in a telephone chart with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) said before a person was suspended he had to be queried first for the offence committed, adding that none of the group members had been queried.

Mr. Chigabatia also stated that it was the National President of the Association who approved and extended his one year leave to three years.

He said before the current National Chairman came to office, the association was already affiliated to Public Services International (PSI).

He said they were invited by the PSI to attend the workshop on the Single Spine structure because of the introduction of the new salary structure for the civil service.

Mr. Chigabatia also denied that he had vacated his post because of the suspension

“I was resting because of the long journey and not because I have been suspended” he added.

He further stated that the National Chairman had his own agenda, which was an internal matter of the association but had been negatively blown in the media.

“It is unfortunate that a pure internal matter is now in the media” he said.

Source: GNA