Clients stranded at Registrar-General's department

The impact of the industrial action embarked on by the Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOGSAG), is beginning to bite clients hard across the country.

The strike has gained ground as staff of various Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) as well as other government agencies have laid down their tools in solidarity on Thursday, January 20.

The Association is protesting poor conditions of service, insisting that “they deserve better conditions of service now.”

According to CLOGSAG, members will resume work only if the government meets its demand.

At a news conference in Cape Coast on Wednesday, the Central Regional Secretary of the Association, Alhaji Apam Nuhu, urged members to be resolute until their demands are met.

This morning, they have acted on their word.

In Kumasi, most government agencies are not as active, with most workers absent from post.

“They’ve been told not to work, and so that is what is happening,” Prince Appiah told JoyNews.

The news team visited some institutions in Accra, including the Registrar-General’s Department, to assess the situation.

The facility was closed for business. Clients who had appointments at the agency were turned away in disappointment.

“I came here to verify a marriage certificate, and I was told that they are on strike. I was surprised because I didn’t know anything about it,” he told Ernest Manu.

The situation was no different at the Railways Development, Finance, Works and Housing, Sanitation and Water Resource Ministries, among others.

Clients stranded as CLOGSAG strike bites hard across the country

At the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) offices, the staff did not show up for work. A few National Service officials who were around were also readying to leave.

CLOGSAG members in the Central Region are also observing the industrial action.

According to correspondent, Richard Kwadwo Nyarko, most MMDAs as well as other government agencies have been locked with work grinding to a halt.

The premises are empty at the North Tongu District Assembly except with only the Chief Executive and two internal audit staff. The case is the same for most of the assemblies in the Volta Region.

In December last year, the Association threatened to embark on industrial strike action. It noted that the conditions of its members have been overlooked while other services had an enhanced salary structure.

According to the CLOGSAG, a year after its proposed salary structure was sent to the Ministry of Finance to address their concerns, the Ministry is yet to respond despite persistent reminders.

The Association noted that it feels sidelined, hence, the need to withdraw its services.  

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