Award winning coach, Sellas Tetteh has for the first time put off his coaching cloak to share his concern on an emerging trend in Ghana politics; insults.

Speaking to XFM in Accra, Coach Tetteh advised politicians to be decorous in what they say and do on campaign platforms as that go a long way to affect the future generation.

The former coach for Rwanda said elections in Ghana should not be a “do and die affair”, entreating politicians to treat each other with respect during such times.

Character assassination, he said should be avoided by politicians, since such condemnations are picked up by the youth in the society.

“If the youth see this kind of thing, it develops into another arena, where they grow with it, and when even they are discussing with someone, they start abusing each other”, he emphasised.

Mr. Tetteh opined that, electorates have already made up their mind on who and what party to vote for, and that no politician can change their mind, especially with insults and character assassination.

He said during campaign periods, some politicians would like to win numbers and like to do everything by hook or crook, and that when politicians use this kind of ways, it creates turmoil and confusion amongst people.

“Many people have already decided who they have to vote for, so it doesn’t matter how much money you spend and the campaign you do, so we should be patient” he stated.

He made it clear that it is only God who can elect a leader and that “when the good Lord says this, no matter what they do, it shall not come to pass”.

“The good Lord is watching; he’s the director of everything, so we should be patient and not to destroy people and make things difficult for people” he added.