Most men have a passion for three things: money, good breasts of a woman and a perfectly-shaped pair of female buttocks.

It is therefore understandable why a video recording that shows the naked breasts of Confidence Haugen, Chief Executive of the Aphrodisiac Night Club and Ghana’s female representative to the Big Brother Africa Amplified contest, has sparked another controversy in Accra, making the demand for the video very high.

While some argue that the breasts appear too firm and rounded to belong to a 37-year-old mother, others say the owner of the breasts may have ‘firmed’ it with some surgical transplant. The debate has been rather fierce and has touched on raw nerves in some instances.

The alarming video is believed to have been recorded when Confidence was taking her shower in the Big Brother House, competing for $200,000. She is on record to have admitted that she was aware that there were cameras on the bathhouse.

What has spiced up the controversy is the fact that after Confidence was evicted from the House, she told journalists in Accra that there was no time she stripped naked during the competition, though several housemates stripped before the cameras. Her naked video has therefore generated some interest as her fans are eager to catch a glimpse of it.

This is not the first time the breasts of the 37-year-old mother of one have become a subject of news. During her stay in the house, she was captured by the cameras showing her naked bobs and having them fondled by a male housemate, 24—year-old Zues from Botswana.

Zues was wearing a pair of boxer shorts and was seated at the edge of the bathtub with his feet in the water. He had his legs parted in a way that his opened thighs served as a perfect seat of comfort for Confidence.

Zues had placed his palms on Confidence’ boobs, firmly grabbing her nipples, as she placed her hands on his palms and pushed them further on her breasts. The pair of breast looked ‘heavy’ and younger than what the natural breasts of a 37-year-old should look like. They were round and firm enough to make a gay turn heterosexual. Interestingly, Confidence did not stop to tell the young chap that ‘monkeys play by sizes’ but rather used her palms to press his hands further on her breasts as if to say, “hold my boobs dear”.

Before Confidence was evicted, News-One received some rather alarming photos showing the nakedness of the other BBA Housemates. Though the housemates were very much aware that their actions were being streamed to millions of TV viewers all over the world, they damned the consequences and removed their underwear anyway, showing their sex organs and pubic hairs.

The photographs also showed both adult males and females bathing together or stripping before each other.