Former President and Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress has stated that if his administration had been maintained, the construction of roads in the cocoa-growing regions of the country would have been completed.

He noted that while in government, roads were mapped out and funds allocated for the construction of the roads.

The NDC leader added that his administration observed that the cocoa-growing communities had some of the poorest roads in the country and together with COCOBOD, they had decided to allocate $150 million of Ghana’s cocoa proceeds annually into constructing roads in the cocoa-growing areas.

“When we were in government we started construction work on the cocoa roads…We had an agreement with COCOBOD, to set aside $150 million dollars from cocoa revenue for the construction of the roads in all the cocoa-growing regions”.

“We started by giving out contracts to various Ghanaian contractors, who started work on the roads. If these measures we instituted had continued, we would not have to talk about challenges with the roads in this region,” he added.

He, therefore, assured the people that the NDC will make it a point to complete the abandoned cocoa road projects, should they win the December 2020 elections.

Mr Mahama also promised that his administration will restore the free fertilizer programme for farmers, that was cancelled by the New Patriotic Party as well as reintroduce the free seedlings for farmers.

This he said will help make up for cocoa production that had reduced from 967,000 tons during the NDC era to 700,000 tons under the NPP.