In this period when we are supposed to be helping each other, when the coronavirus outbreak has become scarier because we know how touchy and connected we are, it is now that people are becoming less sensitive towards each other.

I wonder why more effort is not put into sanitising ourselves before interacting with our friends and families.

Currently, health officials have traced almost 400 persons who were said to have had contact with infected persons and are being monitored. About 600 people are also estimated to have come into contact with infected persons without knowing, isn’t this reason enough to self isolate and sanitise regularly?

It is as if we don’t want to put efforts into obeying the directives and the preventive measures outlined by the World Health Organisation. I hear of people partying here and there and some churches organising services in the midst of the outbreak. How careless can we be as a people?

It is also worrying that people have started hoarding certain essential products.  Doesn’t this make us miss the era of former President Jerry John Rawlings?

Go to the market today and even the traders are hoarding soap and other detergents, prices are going up every single day.

Why are we soo insensitive?

If we don’t stop, we can’t fight this outbreak. Being your brother’s keeper means having his interest at heart. And while you protect him, you will indirectly be protecting yourself.

Another concern is with hypocrites who don’t appreciate the measures some institutions have put in place to protect them.

I work at a place where veronica buckets have been provided at the entrances for people to regularly wash their hands. Also, sanitisers have been provided at various vantage points. It is therefore sad to hear people complain about these measures and how they are a bother when it is to protect all of us.

This is wrong! We must be appreciative of the help we are being given when most of us hardly do things to help people.

I have also heard that some hotels are laying workers off. It may be understandable but it is also sad. Indeed we are not in ordinary times and people are struggling, confused and more affected by this outbreak than others.

In as much as we can’t reach out with a hug or a warm touch to show that we care, we can do other things to make them feel better.

Let’s be more sensitive. Divided through social distancing but united in our action. Ghana needs all of us, not a few. We all have to survive together.