Greater Accra Cycling Federation Chairman Kofi Boakye says he will contest the incumbent Mohammed Sahnoon in the upcoming Presidential elections.

The Cycling Federation has been saddled with few controversies recently and Kofi Boakye who has been following the sport and contributing in different ways thinks the association needs a new direction.

Mr Boakye in an exclusive interview with Joy Sports hinted the time has come for cycling to take a complete resurgence by making it successful as he mapped up strategies to help the sports thrive as well as achieving laurels on the international scene.

“Expect a complete 360 degree turn, we are going to take up proper management and packaging and an effective presentation of the sport in Ghana.

“There are so many opportunities that has to be filed and my team is ready to accomplish the huge task that confronts the sport in the country,’’ he noted.

Mr Boakye further mentioned the retrogression of the sport in recent times considering the vast potential.

“We would be looking to make a mark in cycling because Ghanaians are not mean achievers. We always do better and become the best in every endeavour. But for cycling, the excuses are just too many and we are tired of that.

“We are now in to perform and get results and show the trophies as well as capitalizing on the business aspect,’’ he said.

He added: “We look forward in improving the fund base of the federation and that’s where the business aspect of the sport comes in and we would think through the various opportunities to improve our financial base.’’

Mr Boakye envisages a 2024 vision where Ghana would be one of the powerhouses in cycling.

“We all saw what happened to the cycling team that went to Commonwealth Games in Australia and sincerely it would be very difficult for us to make an impact in Tokyo and it will certainly be a miracle if we to make an impact.

The elections will be held this year.