STUNNAD research team in the Ketu South and Ho East in the Volta region has revealed that about 135 NPP polling station executives are  NOT TRUE NPP members neither sympathizers of the party. A covert research which was conducted by our members from the Volta region revealed that some polling station executives who represented the NPP in about 27 polling stations mostly in the Ho-East constituency have been members of the NDC since 2004 to date. Some of them have been the polling station executives for the NPP since 2004 and have succeeded in conniving with their NDC cohorts to rig elections.

The research reveals that there are about 37 executives in 11 polling stations in Ketu South who are not true NPP members. They have been planted into the party by the NDC. Some of them were motivated by the elections day “connection” which normally takes place a day before the election. The night before the elections day, these supposed NPP polling station executives collect money and job promise from the NDC and they allowed the NDC to rig the election in their polling stations. In some polling stations, they allowed minors to vote, some used their dead relatives voters’ cards to vote, they allow over voting and ballot stuffing. In 2008 run-off election, one of the polling stations in Viepe voted till 7:00pm where one booklet of the ballots papers was given to the NDC polling agents, thumb printed for the NDC in agreement with the so-called NPP polling agents there. In some polling stations in Flagatigorme Electoral Area, the NPP polling station executives took monies from some NDC members and they did not take part in any of the electoral process, allowing the NDC to have their free way to do anything to rig the elections.

In the Ho East constituency, the story is amazing. 17 polling stations executives are all NDC sympathizers. They attend NDC meetings. They have been working for the NDC since 2008. In the NPP recent elections at the polling stations, some NDC gurus bought the forms, paid and secured the NPP ID cards for their members and contested in the NPP elections and lo and behold, sizeable number of them won and they are in the NPP but working for NDC.   Across the border towns in the Kpetoe district, some of these NPP polling stations executives have been seriously working with the NDC MP, Hon. Juliana Azumah Mensah’s men and they allowed Togolese to register and vote in their respective polling stations. 

STUNNAD will continue the research to other constituencies in the Volta region and into other plots.  We will soon publish the full report with the polling stations names and codes to expose them to the public.  



Chris Arthur, National President (0541173031/0501356514)