The elders and people of Pigu Traditional area in the Savelugu/Nanton District of the Northern Region have vehemently accused the District Chief Executive (DCE) of the area, Mr. Prince Mohammed Askia and the Acting Regent of Savelugu, Mohammed Natural, of attempts to en-skin a new chief in the area.

They alleged that the DCE, the Acting Savelugu Regent and one Chief Nyanboglana, are making attempts to de-skin the chief of Pigu, Naa Pigu-lana Abdulai Yakubu Nantogmah, who was en-skinned in 1995 by the late overlord of Dagbon Kingdom, Ya-Na Yakubu Andani II.

However, they vowed to resist any attempts to impose a chief on them, threatening that they would fight with all their might to defend the Pigu traditional area.

The angry Pigu elders expressed their disgust about the way and manner some self-seeking politicians were conniving with some traditional authorities to undermine the relative peace and tranquility in Pigu and for that matter, the Dagbon Kingdom.

According to the people, the chief of the area, Naa Pigu-lana Abdulai Yakubu Natogmah was lawfully en-skinned to the Pigu chieftaincy throne in accordance with the customs and tradition of Dagbon and had reigned for over twenty years.

The spokesperson for the Chief, Abdulai Nantogmah said the Pigu traditional area was enjoying enormous peace, tranquility, mutual coexistence and development under the reign of Pigu-lana Abdulai Yakubu Nantogmah and therefore, was surprised that some traditional authorities were maneuvering for his removal.

He said the claims to de-skin the chief sought to create dissolution and rancour among the people in the area, adding that “people are angry and ready to fight whoever is imposed on them.”

The Pigu-lana’s spokesperson, therefore, made a passionate appeal to the government and the regent of Dagbon, Kampakuya Naa, to call to order people who are planning to de-skin their chief to avoid a possible bloodshed in the area.

When the New Crusading Guide reporter contacted the DCE, he denied the allegation, saying he had never heard anything about the Pigu chieftaincy issue.

Source: The New Crusading Guide/Ghana


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