Former Chairman of the United Nations Office for West Africa says election-related violence that characterised the 2020 polls has tainted Ghana’s image internationally.

According to him, the lives that were lost in the process leaves much to be desired as far as the country’s democratic credential is concerned.

He recalled using Ghana as a reference when addressing crisis elsewhere, explaining that “there are never any deaths as a result.”

“If they occur, they are accidents that happen from vehicles, motorcycles, or people going to/from party events. I think this time our image has been tainted in that regard,” he lamented.

He was speaking at a high-level stakeholder’s review of the 2020 elections organised by the Coalition for Domestic Election Observers (CODEO).

In December 2020, at least 5 people reportedly lost their lives during the election period leaving election watchers worried.

Mr Chambas, who had always touted the violent-free nature of Ghana’s election process over the years says the death toll during the just-ended electioneering campaign has eroded those strides.

In order to regain the bragging rights, the statesman advised that government institutes measures “to ensure that never again will we see any loss of lives in elections.”