Deeper Life Church condemns homosexuality

National Co-ordinator of the Deeper Life Campus Fellowship (DLCF), Pastor Francis Fosu, has described as an abomination, the practice of same sex intimacy and its attendant social nuisance.

Speaking at the launch of the Church’s upcoming Annual National Campus Community Congress (ANCCC) on Saturday, Pastor Fosu made clear, the position of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DCLM) on the practice: “The Bible deems homosexuality as an abomination. Homosexuality is synonymous with the word sodomy and such people who practice it are called sodomites.

“So we (our church) stand where the Bible stands and we believe what the Bible teaches. And as long as the Bible lives, as long as God lives, and as long as this world remains; homosexuality will forever remain an abomination. No judge, no lawyer, nobody in this world can change the word of God. No church I must add, no Christian, no Evangelist can change the word of God.”

Chairman for the occasion, Pastor Michel Kutin-Assadu, who is the regional overseer of the DCLM in Tema, called on government to enact laws which are deterring enough to make the ignominious practice a high-risk act: “I would like to call on government to come out with laws that will make the practice of homosexuality a no-go area for Ghanaians.”

Touching on the upcoming programme, Pastor Fosu hinted that this year’s version of the ANCCC will place special emphasis on the moral decadence that is threatening the very foundations of the society; “this country is plagued with all sorts of evils especially on our campuses – sexual perversion, homosexuality which is gaining currency in our country, lesbianism with their attendant health hazards such as HIV/AIDS, bribery, corruption, lies, nudity and pornography, among others. This upcoming congress promises to deal with all these evils in order to keep hope alive”.

Besides the spiritual welfare of participants which the congress promises to cater for, he said there is also a package to see to the academic and professional well-being of the targeted group – students, staff and residents of all tertiary institutions, professionals of all backgrounds as well as national service personnel.

“By the end of the congress, participants will be equipped with time-tested skills for all-round academic success. The congress will also imbibe in participants, the spirit of entrepreneurship to enable them set up their own business ventures.”

This year’s annual National Campus Community Congress comes off from Wednesday, July 27 to Sunday, July 31 at the Deeper Life Campground, Brofoyedru, Kumasi. An estimated number of 3000 participants from across the country are expected to converge at the venue for this year’s event.

The year’s ANCCC is code-named “EXPLO 2011”, under the theme -“Extra Ordinary Power for Liberated Overcomers”.

On the benefits of the congress since its inception, Pastor Francis Fosu revealed that the event, since its introduction in 1995, has left behind graven accomplishments in the sands of Ghana’s history.

“All past congresses by the DCLF have left behind fond memories, breathtaking miracles and soul-saving experiences which have impacted tremendously on participants, and served as invaluable undertones for sound professional accomplishments”, he stated.

The Deeper Life Campus Fellowship, an interdenominational Christian fellowship, is a wing of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry that operates among students, staff and residents of tertiary institutions, professionals of all backgrounds, as well as National Service personnel. Its key focus is the spiritual, professional and social well-being of its targeted group.

Story by Stephen Gyasi Jnr.