The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has urged the citizenry to desist from self-medication amidst reports of a spike in Covid-19 cases.

According to the Association, the severity of the pandemic should not be taken for granted, as such persons who show flu-like symptoms have been advised to get tested.

“Once again, each and everyone should take their personal safety into their own hands by adhering strictly to all the Covid-19 safety protocols,” the Association said.

In a press statement released Monday, the Association said, “the pandemic has a potential of further weakening our already fragile health systems.”

In view of this, the GMA has called on government to impose stricter measures in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic.

Desist from self-medication, get tested if you show flu-like symptoms - GMA to Ghanaians

In the statement signed by both the President and General Secretary of the Association, they further advised government to “restrict social activities such as parties, church services, funerals, clubs and other social gatherings of such nature. The markets should be regulated and as much as possible restricted”.

In addition, the Ghana Medical Association admonished the government to “ensure prompt, continuous supply and adequate distribution of PPEs to all health workers in the various health institutions.”

Again, the Association cautioned suppliers and vendors of various PPEs such as face masks to refrain from scaling up prices due to an increase in demand.

“Suppliers and vendors of the various types of PPEs especially the face mask should not take advantage of the new surge of Covid-19 cases and the increase demand for their products by scaling up prices.

“This will not inure to the benefit of the country in our quest to defeat the virus,” the statement read.

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