Social Enterprise Ghana is advocating for inclusive policies that would ensure social protection of the vulnerable and poor especially disabled women, homeless people and unemployed youth.

Edwin Zu-Cudjoe, the Executive Director of Social Enterprise Ghana said the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the fore the lack of social protection measures for the poor, marginalised women and unemployed youth who are at the mercy of the economy’s downturn.

“The situation of some persons in the media losing their jobs calls for policymakers, private sector and insurance companies to develop solutions like basic income, unemployment insurance, salary for start-up founders, insurance for self-employed.

“This will at least give these vulnerable individuals who have become victims of circumstance have peace of mind and good health,” he said.

Mr Zu-Cudjoe added that such a measure would also compel government and Ghana Statistical Service to develop accurate unemployment data that is reported monthly like others like inflation and policy rates.

According to him, this would ensure government develops a conducive environment for job creation.

The Social Enterprise Ghana Executive Director said if countries like Spain, Germany and US can develop measures to protect their citizen, Ghana has all it takes to plug its tax loopholes, the unwanted dissipation of resources and funnel its resources to the protection of citizens.

He also called on the National Board for Small Scale Industry (NBSSI) to give special consideration to social enterprises in the administration of government’s Covid-19 Alleviation Programme.

Mr Zu-Cudjoe argued that social enterprises like Food for All Africa, Nneka Foundation, Street Children Empowerment, etc work directly with the vulnerable and poor who are most affected by the pandemic.

He also expressed gratitude to their partners Reach for Change, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, British Council and BUSAC for their support in strengthening the social enterprise ecosystem and women and youth empowerment.

Social Enterprise Ghana is a network of about 600 social enterprises that use business strategies to solve Ghana’s social challenges for profit, impact and good environment.