The Central Regional Commander of the Ghana Police Service, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Rose Atinga Bio, has told personnel of the Service to gear up for the challenge ahead inspite of its limited resources.

She was speaking at the passing out parade of 98 police personnel at the Police Training School in Winneba after six months basic police training.

DCP Bio told them that they are coming out at a “time when certain crimes, such as armed robbery, drug trafficking and motor offences, among others are on the increase in the country”.

She said: “In spite of the limited resources at the service’s disposal, the personnel have been working around clock to contain perpetrators of these crimes.”

The personnel, made up of 58 men and 40 women, studied Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Law of Evidence, Criminal Investigation, Practical Police Duties, Basic Officer Skills, Acts, Decrees and Laws.

“As you are passing out today, you are expected to join hands with your colleagues who have been working day and night to nip in the bud this social menace,” DCP Bio noted.

She said that some of the personnel would be posted to communities unfamiliar to them and they must be able to make a mark in everywhere they find themselves.

The Regional Commander said there are some people who would entice them with promises in order to buy their conscience and manipulate them for their selfish gains and reminded them that this could lead them into problems.

Four of the personnel were awarded for their outstanding performance during their training with Smith Appiah was adjudged the best.

Source: GNA


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