There is a new DJ on the bloc. Simply call him Big Scoob!!! and he would not hesitate to play you a song on Joy FM’s special midnight music show Smooth Grooves.

Big Scoob relaxes you between the hours of 12:00 midnight to 3:00 am with the best song selections.

The music genre is smooth R and B and some jazz all interlaced with oldies but basically on the smooth tip.

“I will have some short stories about my day or anything interesting that happened to me that day I will not be long winded of course,” Big Scoob tells fans.

The show stays strictly slow through Wednesday. Then on Thursday Scoob goes to the old school and the gig is up on Friday as well but slightly up tempo.

Big Scoob graduated from the State University of New York with an Associate’s Degree in Journalism and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications.

He also received his Masters in Fine Art and worked for WCVM 98.7 in Morrisville New York. He later worked at Meridian FM for a short time.

With a cool, gentle melodic voice and the correct attitude to tackle this late program, Scoob believes he can create a fan base of listeners at home and abroad.

His programme’s target audience is the mature adult who can appreciate the old and the new. The love ballads that have impacted their lives like maybe how their child was conceived.

The reason you have to listen? Because he bring the heat to the bedroom and to spice into romances by playing songs that hit you where you can feel it.

“I hit the potential audience with oldies from times when you were teenagers and songs that bring back memories of the first girl you kissed,” he writes.

“My melodic voice (or at least I think it is) will accompany you during the wee hours of the morning, soothing you while serenading you with hot tracks that just don’t stop.”

It’s Smooth Grooves with Big Scoob! Tune in tonight and listen.