Ghana’s first pre-portioned meal kit brand; Dishrack has announced a culinary experience campaign in partnership with Telecommunications giant, MTN.

Dubbed ‘Taste the Pulse’, the campaign is geared towards bringing the inner chef in people.

The campaign encourages the culture of cooking, projecting cooking as a fun and exciting experience, as opposed to the perception of it being a tedious process. Dishrack believes “Everyone can be a chef”.

The initiative kicks off on 3rd November with a call for nominations to find 3 chefs, who will then go on to create a signature recipe each, which will then be outdoored to the public.

Dishrack’s partnership with MTN for ‘Taste the Pulse’ competition reinforces the culinary innovations company’s objective of providing pre-portioned fresh ingredients for healthy meals prepared in under 20 minutes.

Dishrack & MTN Pulse invites you to taste the pulse

MTN Pulse has always pushed for the youth to be more themselves and do more of what they love, through personalized product offers and partnerships, under their “Just Be” strapline.

Dishrack, a culinary experience brand, burst onto the scene a year ago offering a new way for people to connect, over a common factor: good food. The meal-kit brand currently has up to 8 carefully selected and curated meal boxes, with each box freshly packaged as ordered. Each Dishrack box comes with all the key ingredients needed to make the meal from scratch.

Through this strategic campaign dubbed “Taste The Pulse”, MTN Pulse customers will get to unveil and taste 3 new meal boxes. But that’s not the whole story.

Both the MTN Pulse and Dishrack brands are deeply steeped in unique experiences, and this has inspired the Taste The Pulse campaign. To bring these unique experiences to life, the brands are asking their customers to be the chefs that help them create the recipes for their new boxes.

The MTN Pulse and Dishrack Taste The Pulse campaign promises to serve up a much needed dose of excitement for the rest of the year.

Let the excitement begin!

Follow @mtnghana @dishrackgh #TasteThePulse to learn more.

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