Silky voice Highlife singer, Dada KD has urged his fellow musicians not to bow to criticisms but rather stand tall and express their views on national issues.

Dada KD born Kwaku Duah  has also encouraged them to dedicate themselves as ambassadors and fight for the cause of their fans on national issues be it political, social, cultural or religious.

"If you are a celebrity, you automatically become a leader because you have an influence on people and others also look up to you so you always have to speak out especially when things are not going on right," he said.

"It is very rare in our part of the world for celebrities to come public and state their views on issues pertaining to national development," he added.

Dada KD said this is because the few ones who try to do so are either tagged as controversial or falsely affiliated with a political party.

"A typical example," he said, "is the high level of insult actress Yvonne Nelson was subjected to for organising a vigil against government in protest of the continuous erratic power outages popularly known as ‘Dumsor’ that has existed in the country."

The verbal abuse on the actress became worse to the extent that, some government communicators described her and some other ladies who took part in the vigil as prostitutes, a comment which was widely criticised by some well meaning Ghanaians.

Speaking on Work and Happiness on Adom FM about his latest album titled ‘Obia enkyire na dwene’ (literally translated to mean everybody should speak his or her mind), Dada KD said he does not see why some celebrities are afraid to make their views known especially on national issues for fear of been tagged.

Dada KD continued that the fact that he is a musician and is expected to be neutral, does not mean that he cannot comment on national issues that may possibly affect him negatively as a citizen of the country.

"The fact Kojo is a Rastaman does not mean there is no comb in his house," he said jokingly.