The Minister responsible for Roads and Highways, Kwesi Amoako-Atta has bemoaned the high number of contractors who bid for road projects in the country without the necessary resources.

He described road projects as capital intensive, therefore, individuals who enter the sector in hope of securing some projects should not do so empty handed.

According to Mr Amoako-Atta, his outfit will commence initiative to change the said narrative starting next week.

The minister made the statement at a press conference in Wa after a three-day road inspection tour of the Upper West Region on August 12.

‘‘We are taking steps to stop that. Don’t come to the industry with empty hands, they must be prepared. We are in a country that everybody wants to be a country. In Ghana, everybody wants to be a country. Every Ghanaian has the right to be a contractor but come prepared to help government and the people of the country,”he admonished.

Mr Kwesi Amoako-Atta warned that the Ministry of Roads and Highways will not hesitate to terminate any contract once the project is underperformed.

‘‘That contractor no matter who you are, no matter your size, no matter your pedigree, so far as you can’t perform, I have the authority to knock you off and you will be knocked off,’’ he stressed.

He indicated that a total of 106 different projects have been awarded and supervised by the Ghana Highways Authority, Feeder and Urban roads departments.

Also, the Roads Minister further assured members of the general public that following the success story of the 2020 year of roads, such initiative has been extended to 2021.

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