A Supreme Court judge, Justice Dotse has hinted the judiciary intends to hand down very harsh sentences to those found to have engaged in electoral fraud in the recent biometric registration exercise.

He told a workshop on electoral dispute resolution in Kumasi that he and colleagues would want to use the culprits as examples to deter others in the future.

The Electoral Commission has already announced its intention to handover thousands of prospective voters found to have engaged in the fraud to the appropriate authority.

“If the state spends so much money to ensure that our polls are transparent and somebody is still determined to subvert that, we (judiciary) are the only institution in this country that has the authority and power to implement, punish and ensure sanity then it beholds on us to send a clear signal from the very onset that we will not countenance any such thing…if we revised the register in two years’ time you will see that the number of double registration would be reduced.”