There are always two sides to every story. Media houses, please spend a little time investigating before putting out one-sided sensational stories. It’s not always as simple and clear cut as you put it. It’s probably time to invest in medical journalism to put things in the right perspective. It’s as if the various media houses are competing on who breaks the next story about medical negligence without proper investigation especially when it involves a particular healthcare facility.

Dear HCWs, please take the time to properly explain diagnosis/ prognosis to patients and their relatives. Don’t assume they understand. Clearly, they don’t! I’m always surprised at what I hear when I ask patients to repeat what I tell them even at the OPD.

Colleagues, be empathetic towards your patients; they’re the reason we work. Proper and clear communication is vital in patient care. Also, can you put in your best? Treat every patient as you would your own relative.

Dear patients, your doctors are not your enemies. We don’t set out to harm you. Don’t come to the hospital with your wild prejudices. You came to be healed and we’re here to do just that. There are so many doctors and nurses who go out of their way to make you better. We’re actually fulfilled when we see you go home healed. Have questions? Ask your healthcare provider and not your friend or neighbor or make conclusions based on what you heard on the radio or TV.

Dear social commentator, what do you gain by writing fictitious stories on social media? I read a lot of the comments under posts of medical malpractice and it’s so clear most of the ‘personal experiences’ are made up. Your maligning the integrity of HCWs has serious consequences.

Yes, medical negligence actually occurs but you seem to be targeting the wrong ones.

Patients are being more aware on their rights and rightly so.  There are lapses in our healthcare delivery system but can we all come together and strive to make it better?

#AllLivesMatter #GARH #SadToday


The author, Dr. Akua Yeboah is a medical doctor.