Dr Kwesi Aning, Head of Conflict Prevention Management and Resolution at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre, has lambasted politicians for their irresponsible and unfeasible campaign promises.

He told Joy FM’s Super Morning show on Wednesday that the unrest in some parts of the country, especially in northern Ghana, was due to politicians reneging on certain emphatic pledges they made and on which they rode to power.

The security analyst said instead of giving out suggestions to solve sensitive issues, rather politicians prefer to capitalise on the emotions of people to intentionally give false promises for their parochial interest.

“[There is] excessive politicisation and particular discourse that says ‘vote for me and I will do this for you’. I think we need to be more responsible in ensuring that promises are not given, particularly in sensitive emotional cases in which those giving those promises have absolute no control in the outcome of the way the case is dealt with.

“And I think part of the irresponsibility must go to the political parties themselves.”

Dr Aning’s comments comes at the back of Tuesday’s disturbances in the Northern Regional capital, Tamale, moments after an Accra Fast Track High Court acquitted and discharged some 14 Abudus in the Dagbon crisis who were charged with the murder of Ya Na Yakubu Andani II, the Overlord of Dagbon in March 2002.

The ruling party captured in its in 2008 manifesto that it would prosecute and jail the murderers of Ya Na when it came to power, but the NDC youth, mainly from the Andani faction, who felt the party has reneged on its campaign promise, burnt the party’s regional office in Tamale.

Dr Aning reiterated that the people’s “source of anger” emanated from the political promises made by the NDC which the people felt they “have been let down” because those promises have not been fulfilled.

He said the police who are mandated by law to arrest such impunity in the society have been made ineffective, by the “level of political meddling” in their work.

He said instances abound where security personnel have acted professionally to bring perpetrators of violence to book, but ironically such people are punished, leading to what Dr Aning termed “culture of reluctance” on the part of the police.

Story by Isaac Essel/Myjoyonline.com