Drivers of MPs demand increased pay

Drivers of Members of Parliament are demanding an increase in their salaries.

The drivers say most of them are paid a monthly salary of 80 Ghana cedis without social security.

Their spokesman, Labaran Sulayman in an interview with Joy News’ Sammy Darko said they have been compelled to make the issue public because their salaries have not seen any improvement for almost six years even though MPs have had several salary adjustments within the period.

“In this day Ghana, collecting a salary of GHS80.00, GHS100.00 and GHS150 a month is very bad. What are we going to do with that [money]? That is what we are saying. We are not fighting with them. We are begging them that they should increase the salaries for us,” he pleaded.

Asked how much he was receiving as a driver, he said he is lucky to be driving a magnanimous MP from Okaikoi North, Elizabeth Sackey and so receives GHS560.00.

He said however that others are receiving far below expectation and will at the right time disclose the names of MPs who are underpaying their drivers.

But the Majority Leader, Cletus Avoka is questioning the demands by the drivers.

Mr Avoka believes the demands by some of the drivers are disingenuous.

According to him, some of the drivers are employed by Parliament as an institution and therefore receive a relatively higher salary than those employed by the MPs.

He said no two drivers can purport to receive the same salary because they work under different MPs who treat them differently, saying the MPs through their own purse top-up the allowances of drivers.

Source: Joy News/